Every day, more than 550 students stream into our school.
That's a lot of students!

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Map showing rolling drop-off zones and traffic flow around Malcolm X Elementary School.

8 Great Ways to Get to School!

  1. WALK It’s good exercise, and even more fun with friends!. Make sure you cross at the crosswalks (Ms. Katie, the crossing guard, is at King & Ashby every day before and after school).

  2. BIKE A great way to start the morning! Please, walk your bike once you're near school, and lock your bike. Bike racks are available: by the Rock Garden, near the King Street Gate, and in front of the school near near the auditorium.
    -- New for 2015: Learn more about joining or starting a Bike Train!

  3. SCOOTER or SKATEBOARD Scootering and skateboarding is a fast and fun way to get to school in style! Don't forget to walk in the crosswalks and ask your child's teacher where they'd prefer to have the scooter or skateboard parked.

  4. SCHOOL BUS Elementary students who live within their zone of attendance and beyond the 1.5 mile “walk boundary” are eligible for BUSD School Bus services. Contact the Transportation Office at 510-644-6182 to register, or check out their website for more information. Specific bus stop location and times are mailed to eligible bus riders the week before school starts.
    -- NOTE: TK and K students are met by MX staff at the bus each morning and walked directly to their classes. In the afternoon, TK and K students are escorted from their classes to the buses.

  5. CARPOOL Try carpooling! It’s more fun for the kids, less work for the grown-ups, and less traffic around school. (and you can use the Rolling Drop Off Zone for even more efficiency!)
    -- Not sure if it will work? Try it on Walk & Roll to School Day and see how it goes.
    -- Can't carpool every day? Even once a week makes a big difference.

  6. DRIVE + WALK Live too far to walk? Park a block or two away and walk the rest. All the benefits of walking and driving combined!
    -- Bonus: If you know someone who lives near school, drive to their house & coordinate walking together.

  7. DRIVE + ROLLING DROP OFF The volunteer-run Rolling Drop Off Zone is the safest and most efficient way to drive your child to school. If possible, use Ellis Street, which has much more room for safe drop offs. Learn more about using and volunteering for Rolling Drop Off.

  8. DRIVE + PARK Of course, there are times you need to park and go into school. Check the signs for parking restrictions (street sweeping, etc.).