You can call, email, or come in person to the office to excuse an absence for illness within 5 days. The contact for email is our school secretary, Monica LaTour (, and MX office phone at 644-6313.  Please contact the office directly, rather than leaving this information with the teacher. It creates an additional step for our busy teachers to remember, and we may end up with crossed signals.

  • If your child is ill for more than 3 consecutive days, please provide the office with a doctor's note to excuse the absence.
  • Please remember that family vacations and trips are not excused absences, and remember to schedule them during school breaks.
  • If your child will be missing part of the day for an appointment, please still bring them to school for the remainder of the day, along with a note from the doctor or dentist.

Provide the following information:

  • Full name of your child (first and last)
  • Name of person and relation to the child reporting the absence
  • Name of teacher and room number
  • Reason of absence

If your child has a medical appointment, sign your child out and back in again at the main office. If your child misses more than 10 days combined during the school year due to illness, you must submit a medical note written by a doctor / doctor’s office.

Vacations and trips are not excused absences, however the school still needs to know, so do call and report the absence. When a student is absent from school it results in a loss of funding. The state of California does not reimburse school districts for days students are absent. Everyday a student is absent results in a loss of approximately $33 per child, per day, in revenue to the district.

Tardies/Late Arrival

The school yard opens at 8:00, school starts at 8:10am.

Students are considered “tardy” when they arrive after 8:10am. If your child arrives after 8:30am, please go to the office before going to class to avoid being marked absent for the day.

When the morning bell rings, students are expected to line up on the playground with their class. It is very important to your child’s learning and the learning of other students that all students be at school on time and ready to learn.

When a student arrives late to class it causes disruptions to the learning of other students.

Extended Absences

Our school district takes student attendance very seriously and no longer offers independent study contracts for students absent from school for family vacations. Much of what child learns comes directly from contact with the classroom teacher. It cannot be duplicated on a piece of paper.

If you know that your child will be absent from school for more than 5 days, please contact your child’s teacher and the front office to see if your child’s absence qualifies for Independent Study.

If the absence qualifies, your child’s teacher can design an Independent Study assignment which will be checked upon his/her return. Completion of the Independent Study work will allow the district to collect ADA (Average Daily Attendance) funds and will help keep your child from falling behind in his/her schoolwork.

Please note that not all extended absences qualify for Independent Study. Vacations and trips should be scheduled during times when school is not in session.


Students with conditions requiring special care (asthma, seizures, food allergies) during their school day must have a care plan on file. A BUSD Medication Authorization Form must be signed by a student’s parent and physician in order for school staff to administer medications. For more information, visit BUSD Student Health and Wellness.

If your child is sick

Please do not send them to school or to another group child care program; please make plans for home care for children that become ill. If your child will be out, please check with their teacher about home learning activities.

When to return to school after an illness

Students and staff with flu-like illness should stay home for at least 24 hours after they no longer have a fever, or signs of fever, without the use of fever-reducing medications. Children, especially younger children, might potentially be contagious for longer periods.