Just by walking through the halls of Malcolm X, student art shows you what students are learning about in reading, social studies, and science. Students receive specialized instruction in art, drama, music, and dance, and these disciplines are incorporated into students’ learning throughout the day. At every grade level, children participate in dramatic performances, and showcase their singing in a whole-school musical Chorale. Students also learn about science, life cycles, and nutrition through the cooking and garden class. Teachers at Malcolm X work together as a team, sharing their ideas and techniques to ensure that all students have access to the best possible lessons.

Starting in TK students learn drama (Ms. Castle), music (Ms. Katechis), and dance. Art classes (Ms. Bull) begin in 1st grade and drama is 2 months/year to prepare for the show. Other enrichment activities are gardening (Ms. Rivka) and library (Ms. Gordon). The PTA (with the help of parents like you!) helps fund these programs.

MX Library

Jennifer Gordon, Library Media Tech, Malcolm X Elementary School

To search for a book, find an online resource or to read an ebook, click on the Library Catalog icon. Leveled reading lists, great book recommendations as well as stories to listen to and read can be found by clicking the Reading Suggestions icon.

Some of the resources on the MX Library Website require the following logins:

World Book Online

username: busd
password: student

Teaching Books

username: busd
password: busd

Follett Shelf ebooks (in the Library Catalog)

username: malcolmx
password: shelf


Aisha Gorson, Dance, Malcolm X Elementary School

All students at Malcolm X, TK-5th grade, have dance class one period a week throughout the  school year.  The dance program gives students the opportunity to explore creative movement, learn basics of Jazz and Modern dance technique, study various world dance forms, and learn choreography as well as generate they're own choreography for performances.  All students participate in yearly dance performances for the school and larger community.  The dance program gives our students an oppotunity for self expression, physical skill building and discipline, and strengthens our unity as a school community.


Mariah Castle, Drama, Malcolm X Elementary School

All of the students at MX take Drama classes with Ms. Castle. Each class spends 2-3 months per year working on a play project which is then performed in front of the school community and families. The plays range from adaptations of children's literature - usually in grades TK-3 - to clown shows, Shakespeare plays, musicals, or student-devised productions in grades 4 and 5. Students develop their skills in vocal projection, physical expression, following playful impulses, active listening, and creative collaboration. The Drama program strengthens and enlivens the sense of community at MX.


Merlyn Katechis, Music, Malcolm X Elementary School

All students at MX get the opportunity to learn music from one of our amazing music teachers. Most grades have music class once a week all year, culminating in a beautiful performance for families and friends near the end of the year. Third graders learn recorder, and fourth and fifth graders pick an instrument to focus on for their last two years of elementary school. 


Cassandra Bull, Visual Art, Malcolm X Elementary School

All students at MX in grades 1st-2nd and 4th-5th get the opportunity to learn art from our amazing art teacher, Ms. Bull. Most grades have art class once a week.  Students learn the basic elements of art and form.  Ms. Bull works closely with classroom teachers to integrate art with social studies and science.  


Rivka Mason, Gardening, Malcolm X Elementary School

All students at MX in grades TK-3rd get the opportunity to work in the garden with our amazing garden teacher, Ms. Rivka. Most grades have garden class once every other week. Ms. Rivka incorporates nutrition, science, and more into her popular lessons. The garden is open at lunch and all recesses for students to enjoy.

To read more about the gardening program, and find recipes check out the MX Garden Blog: