Cheat Sheet

Download the printable Quick Guide for new families (and old families in need of a refresher!) and have all the answers at your fingertips!

BUSD Calendar

2015-16 BUSD Calendar PDF

2015-16 BUSD Calendar PDF

The 2015-16 BUSD Calendar is available as a PDF download or can be viewed as a Google Calendar

Emergency Plan

Malcolm X and Berkeley Unified School District have a comprehensive Emergency Plan that is in alignment with state, local, and FEMA procedures. The school’s adopted Emergency Plan, which can be reviewed in the school office, contains the carefully outlined procedures, policies, and duties of all school staff in case of natural or man-made disaster. 

2015 MX Emergency Plan PDF

2015 MX Emergency Plan PDF

This PDF is a summary of actions that families can take before, during, and after an emergency to stay safe and be reunited quickly in case of separation. It also gives an overview of what can be expected at Malcolm X during an emergency.


District-wide & State-wide School Policies & information

Attendance & Health Policy

California Healthy Kids Survey 2012

Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD Website)


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Malcolm X Library Website

Tales 2 Go

Summer Reading lists for grade levels K-5

Toolbox <<<add to new Curriculum page?>>>

Toolbox is a research-based social-emotional learning curriculum.  It teaches critical social competencies necessary for academic and life success such as: resiliency, self-management, and responsible decision-making skills.