MX kindergarten teacher Mr. Robbie, a member of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (SFGMC) for the past 26 years, will soon join the chorus on the Lavender Pen Tour.

From October 7-15, the chorus, which in celebrating its 40th season, will tour five southern states – Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina – where people in the LGBTQ community do not enjoy the freedoms and rights that we have in the Bay Area and California.

The mission of the Lavender Pen Tour is to support and empower LGBTQ communities in these states and hopefully change hearts and minds along the way. All ticket proceeds from the tour’s performances will raise funds for local LGBTQ and other social justice organizations, so they can continue doing their vital work to dismantle biased and discriminatory laws. The Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir will also join the SFGMC on the tour.

Mr. Robbie has said, “It is a personal goal and milestone to be able to participate in such a  historical event that will absolutely make a difference in our world and in the lives of those who hear our music and message of inclusivity and equality.”

Mr. Robbie will be blogging about his experiences during the tour! If you and your students wish to follow his journey, go to:

More information about the tour is available here: