Congratulations to the 3 classes who had the most walkers:

  • Ms. Fouche' (15 participants)
  • Ms. Huntington (13 participants)
  • Ms. Richerson (13 participants)

You all earned a cookie party! Thank you for coming!

For each grade, 2 students win a prize (gift certificate delivered to you soon...) for doing the most laps:

TK: Rushdy W. (14 laps), Dany D.S (10 laps)

K: Arquis B. (40 laps), Ian O. (26 laps)

1st: Satchel R. (47 laps), Simeon R. (56 laps)

2nd: Anyah R. (45 laps), Amare R. (36 laps)

3rd: Malachi S. (80 laps), Vincenzo D. (74 laps)

4th: Nick M. (71 laps), and a tie: Nathan P. and Jackson S. (60 laps)

5th: Maya S. (53 laps), Kevin O. (37 laps)

Great job! Thank you all for making the day great!

Please turn your pledges into the PTA mail box on the wall in the main office, or give them to Ms. Lyzanna, by Monday, Nov 3. Thank you.