Get your order in by Sunday, Oct. 19 at midnight for a fantastic turkey from Farmigo and support your school!

I'm writing, to make sure you heard the word about the bird!  Turkeys are back and can be pre-ordered through Farmigo in the Market Place through this next Sunday, Oct. 19th by midnight only.  So, if you want your turkey for Thanksgiving- and you want to support Malcolm X- this is a big money generator for the school.  (this is our marketplace site)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

These are quite the turkeys, so it's easy to see how they'll go fast. The birds BN Ranch roam in grassy pastures, grazing and foraging, their diet supplemented with non-GMO feed when necessary — and of course, they're never fed any unnecessary antibiotics or other hormones.

By the way, in case you're wondering what the difference is between the White Turkeys and Heritage Turkey...Heritage turkeys mate naturally, and aren't bred for one trait over another the way commercial turkeys are, and are an important part of promoting genetic diversity. These heritage birds are the direct descendants of five distinct breeds: Standard Bronze, Narragansett, Bourbon Red, White Holland, and Spanish Black. They also have a greater dark-to-white meat ratio, and are intensely juicy and flavorful!

When you receive your turkey the week before Thanksgiving, Farmigo will send you an e-mail stuffed with recipes and cooking suggestions, whether you want to brine, baste, rub, or spatchcock your bird. Just to round everything out, we'll have a few tips on side dishes and desserts, too!

If you want to reserve your Thanksgiving turkey, just order either the Small (which feeds about 7-9 people) or Large (11-13 people) Turkey Deposit item in the marketplace — that's all you need to do!

On 11/19/14 you'll be charged the remainder of the price and your turkey will be delivered to you along with your usual Farmigo order.

If you're looking for bigger Heritage birds, or an extra large turkey somewhere in the 22-26 lb. range, they have those on hand too — just send an email to to ask about placing a deposit!

Some tips about placing your turkey order:

  1. Be sure you didn't place your deposit as a recurring order! You can double check this by logging into your Farmigo account and viewing your shopping cart. Your Holiday Turkey deposit should have a "frequency" of "One-time" and not "Weekly". The number of deposits you placed will correspond to the number of turkeys you get.

  2. The remainder of the price for the turkey will be charged to your account on 11/19/14, based on the exact weight of your turkey — for reference, the price is $5/lb.

  3. Your turkey will be delivered to you on 11/19/14; now that you've placed your deposit, all you need to do is wait!

  4. Your turkey will come frozen, so make sure you have room in your freezer, and that you leave enough time for it to thaw.

  5. Remember, if you've ordered the Holiday Turkey (10-14 lbs.), it will feed roughly 9-13 people. This is also true of the Heritage Breed Turkeys (10-14 lbs.) If you ordered the Holiday Turkey (14-18 lbs.), it will feed roughly 12-16 people.