Driving to school in the morning? Use the rolling drop-off zone! Look for the cones near the Ellis Street entrance from 8:00-8:15. Simply pull up inside the cones, wait for volunteers to help your student exit your car, and pull away when clear. There's a secondary drop off Zone on King Street that's staffed when there are sufficient adult volunteers to cover both sides. 

Who are These Volunteers (& How Can I Help)? Each 1st through 5th grade classroom is assigned two weeks per year to provide adult volunteers to run the drop off. Scroll down for more information about volunteering or coordinating volunteers for your class!

Never have so many owed so much to so few as in rolling dropoff.
— Winston Churchill

2017-18 Class Volunteer Schedule

Week  Grade / Room / Class
(contact your room parent to sign up!)

Aug-29   PTA
Sep-4      Fry 202
Sep-11     Hohenhaus 207
Sep-18    McDaniels 201
Sep-25   Daugherty 203
Oct-2      Rainey 205 (4th)
Oct-9     Fouche 208
Cottle 107 (4th)
Oct-23    Pudlowski 105 (3rd)
Oct-30    Hiratzka
 112 (3rd)
Nov-6     Cobeen/Manekin-Hrdy 110
Nov-13    Gold 102 (3rd)
Nov-20   Wagner 111 (3rd)
Nov-27    Braga 114 (2nd)
Dec-4     Beers/Abdolhosseini 109 (2nd)
Dec-11     Adcock 103 (2nd)

Dec-18 No School
Dec-25 No School

Jan-2     Huntington 113 (2nd)
Jan-8     Phillips 3 (1st)
Jan-15    Fletcher 1 (1st)
Jan-22   Shen 6 (1st)
Jan-29   Richerson 104 (1st)
Feb-5     Fry 202 (5th)
Hohenhaus 207 (5th)
McDaniels 201 (5th)
Daugherty 203 (5th)
Rainey 205 (4th)
Fouche 208 (4th)
Mar-19    Cottle 107 (4th)
Pudlowski 105 (3rd)

Apr-2   No School

Apr-9     Hiratzka 112 (3rd)
Cobeen/Manekin-Hrdy 110 (3rd)
Gold 102 (3rd)
Apr-30   Wagner 111 (3rd)
Braga 114 (2nd)
Beers/Abdolhosseini 109 (2nd)
Adcock 103 (2nd)
Huntington 113 (2nd)
Phillips 3 (1st)
Fletcher 1 (1st)

Using Rolling Drop Off


  • Be patient! Wait until you're near the front to let your student exit your car
  • Stay in line - don't pull away between the cones. It's dangerous: there may be cyclists, busses, or other cars coming through.
  • No U-Turns - it's illegal on Ellis and King (and dangerous). 

Following these procedures is critical to ensuring drop-off runs well. When it does, you will:

  • Keep everyone safe - as traffic flows more smoothly around the school
  • Start the day on time - you and your student don’t have to park and walk in to school

Refer to the map image on this page for drop-off zone locations and traffic flow around the school. 

Drop-off Volunteers

Adult volunteers set up and manage the drop-off zone. Responsibility rotates to a different class each week. The schedule is posted on this page, and on the School Calendar. 

  • Time commitment: 20 minutes
  • Safety maintained: immeasurable

Instructions for volunteers

Download and view the full Set Up and Safety Instructions (PDF). And remember:

  1. Encourage drivers to pull forward.
  2. Open doors on the first three cars only.
  3. Help each car in turn - students should be out and door shut before you proceed to the next car.
  4. Kids can help, but only one per adult.
  5. Pay attention! Drop-off happens fast for a few minutes only (typically 8:00-8:10).
The time is always right to do what is right for rolling drop off.
— MLK Jr.

Instructions for class coordinators

  1. Send the class a heads-up about two weeks ahead of your scheduled week. Include a link to this web page (malcolmxelementary.org/dropoff) for instructions.
  2. Have volunteers sign up online with Doodle, WeJoinIn, or a similar site. (see sample)
  3. Aim to have at least three adults per day (4-5 is better!).
  4. Email a reminder either the weekend before or, even better, the night before.

Thank you for helping with rolling drop-off!

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Map showing rolling drop-off zones and traffic flow around Malcolm X Elementary School.