Our PTA supports teachers, arts programs, afterschool programs, and more.  We raise money for our school, we organize and bring people together, and we have fun!


PTA membership is inexpensive ($7 minimum) and open to all families.

Becoming a member:

  • Contributes to our annual fundraising

  • Gives you a voice in programs and activities

  • Keeps our school community vibrant

  • Supports statewide and district-wide PTA programs and lobbying efforts

Reminder: You must renew every year to remain a member.

Learn more about PTA membership


The money we raise goes directly to great programs that would not be possible without the PTA:

  • Academic enrichment such as art, gardening, music, drama, and dance—the PTA spends roughly $480 per student for enrichment

  • Events such as Literacy Night, Discovery Night, and more

  • Field trips

  • Classroom supplies

  • Library books

  • And much more

We raise money through membership, campaigns such as the Malcolm X Fund, and fundraising events such as the Walk-a-Thon, Auction and Gala, and the Raffle. For more information on how you can help, scroll down or visit our fundraising page.


Volunteers are a critical part of what makes Malcolm X amazing. There are limitless ways that parents and caregivers can jump in and help out. Over the course of the year there will be numerous calls for help with every event, and smaller requests for specific jobs. Have a specific skill you want to share? Or a specific event you want to be involved with? Let us know!

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator(s) or fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you. 

board & committee - Roles & responsibilities

Our executive board and committees make it all happen! We are a dynamic group of volunteers dedicated to making our school the best it can be. 

All Board Members

  • Attend Peralta District PTA Training if possible in Summer/Fall

  • Attend monthly Board meetings (let President know if you cannot attend)

  • Review and add items to agenda

  • Check and reply to e-mails in a timely manner

  • Ask for help if you need it!!!

  • Assist with setting up and cleaning up after membership meetings and events


  • Oversee all PTA sponsored fundraising and parent involvement activities

  • Work as liaison between PTA and other school and district entities

  • Facilitate Board and Membership meetings (not able to vote)

  • Make sure all board and event chair positions are filled

  • Make sure Board members & event Chairs have what they need for fulfilling their duties

  • Signatory on bank accounts, 2nd signature on checks as needed

  • Responsible for meeting agenda content

  • Understand bylaws and standing rules thoroughly

  • Give out lots of thank yous!

  • Delegate, delegate, delegate!

1st VP / Co-president

  • Assist president as needed to make position more manageable

  • Signatory on bank accounts, 2nd signature on checks as needed

Executive VP / Program Chair

  • Coordinate between the various PTA committees and the Executive Board

  • Verify that committees are on-track for their events

  • Act as point person for timing, logistics, etc.

  • Assist PTA President whenever needed

  • Signatory on bank accounts, 2nd signature on checks as needed

2nd VP / Fundraising Chair

  • Oversee all fundraising efforts for PTA including Walk-a-thon, Raffle, Silent Auction and other assorted fundraisers (Ms. Dalloway's, e-scrip, inkjets, pay-pal etc.)

  • Work as a liaison between event committee chairs and PTA board

  • Coordinate with the webmaster to connect to fundraising options

3rd VP / Communications Chair

  • Publicize PTA parent group meetings, fundraisers and events

  • Contact local newspapers for newsworthy events

  • Publicize PTA Membership Meetings (MX News, e-tree, flyers & robocall)

  • Organize all logistical aspects of the monthly PTA meetings


  • Maintain central records that track all monetary transactions

  • Chair budget committee and compile budget for approval in the spring/fall

  • Monitor budget and report timely overview for informed financial decision-making by Board

  • Understand PTA monetary policy and procedures and ensure that these are followed

  • Pay all association’s bills using reimbursement request forms and 2-signature checks

  • Coordinate with Financial Secretary and E-Commerce Secretary, receive consolidated deposits reports with associated fees.

  • Prepare payment authorization reports for membership meetings

  • Prepare treasurers report (budget actuals) for membership meetings

  • Submit payments for membership dues and insurance to CA PTA

  • Prepare paperwork for auditor and accountant according to their requirements; adhere to Tax-filing deadlines

  • Budget-related correspondence with Staff, Board members and Event chairs

Financial Secretary

  • Receive and double check all Cash Verification (CV) forms

  • Make sure all event staff are trained in proper cash/check/credit card handling procedures

  • Prepare & present report of all deposits received since last membership meeting

  • Make deposits

  • Report all income separated by budget category to Treasurer for inclusion in monthly Treasurer’s report

  • Perform duties as delegated by the Treasurer

  • Responsible for checking PTA lockbox and processing contents

E-Commerce Secretary

  • Responsible for all electronic means of incoming monies (Click and Pledge, Square, PayPal, eScrip, online auction, etc.)

  • Collaborate with online fundraising organizers to ensure adequate reporting, using statements or Cash Verification Form equivalents for Audit.

  • Report all income and associated fees, separated by budget category, to Treasurer for inclusion in monthly Treasurer’s report

  • Submit ancillary e-Commerce account reports to Treasurer and Auditor.

  • PTA Board liaison with online fundraisers and Fundraising Chair. Oversee security and management continuity (maintain passwords)

  • Coordinate closely with Treasurer and Financial Secretary as needed


  • Audit books and financial records of the association semi-annually

  • Make sure each check is accounted for by a budget line item, and/or a reimbursement or payment form

  • Get bank statements, copy of taxes, budget, reimbursement/payment forms and other documents required for audit

  • Report to Board that state and federal taxes have been filed; permanent copy goes to Treasurer and electronic copy filed on Google Drive.

  • Not a voting member of the board-does not attend board meetings except for semiannual reports


  • Prepare agenda with President and Board

  • Record minutes of each meeting, post Membership Meeting notes in office & Post on Google drive

  • Have necessary documents for each Membership Meeting: multiple copies of the prior meeting's minutes, sign-In sheets, childcare sign-in sheets, name tags, & pens.

  • Keep Membership Meeting minutes & Board Minutes in separate binders in the PTA cabinets

  • Obtain appropriate signatures for prior meeting’s minutes


  • Review and study bylaws and standing rules annually

  • Provide copies of bylaws as requested

  • Advise on questions of parliamentary procedure

  • Facilitate healthy dialogue during meetings (use Robert's Rules of Order)

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Recruit volunteers for the various PTA committees and activities

  • Maintain spreadsheet/database of volunteer names, contact information, and desired volunteer activities

Room Parent Coordinator

  • Coordinate the Room Parents & Act as liaison between room parents and PTA Board

  • Make sure teachers have room parents (Recruits room parents as needed)

  • Hold room parent meeting and training in beginning of year

  • Works closely with Communications Chair and Volunteer Coordinator

  • Maintains a list of room parent names and contact information

Hospitality Chair  

  • Organize all logistical aspects of the monthly PTA meetings, including: facilities, childcare, snacks or food, & translation if needed

Membership Committee Chair

  • Chair Membership campaign beginning Aug/Sept and again in Jan/Feb

  • Create & distribute beginning of the year membership drive letter

  • Update membership form if needed

  • Coordinate with One More Month Campaign, PTA Board, Teachers, & Room Parents.

  • Keep membership forms out and available (in the office, and on the front board)

  • Collect and process all membership forms:

  • Submit Cash Verification Forms to Financial Secretary

  • Coordinate online payments with E-Commerce Secretary

  • Report PTA Membership numbers for consolidated deposits to Treasurer

  • Maintain database of PTA members by classroom

  • Organize reward party

  • Distribute thank you letters


  • Help document major events and fundraisers at the school

  • Update PTA bulletin boards in the front and in the office

  • Coordinate with the webmaster to upload videos or pictures of events

  • Collect volunteer hour reports, and make a final report at the end of the year

  • Google apps admin-responsible for maintaining passwords, e-mails, administrative access levels, document and folder structure

Marketing Chair

  • Maintain inventory of MX t-shirts, sweatshirts, totes, and kids caps

  • Sell at major school events, including Kindergarten Potluck, Welcome Reception, Walk-a-Thon, and Spring Fair

  • Order from local vendors to replenish stock when it gets low

  • Help facilitate annual t-shirt design contest

  • Responsible for preparing Cash Verification Forms for all T-shirt sales

PTA Committee Positions

(These positions are appointed and therefore not voting members of the Executive PTA Board)


  • Printing School Brochure

  • Welcome Reception (Fall)

  • Walk-a-Thon (Fall)

  • School Directory (Fall)

  • One More Month Appeal (Fall)

  • T-Shirt Design Contest (Fall)

  • Summer Readers’ Pizza Party (Fall)

  • Literacy Night (Fall)

  • Craft Fair (December)

  • K Tours (Dec-Jan)

  • Silent Auction (Winter)

  • Family Heritage Night (Winter)

  • Raffle (Spring)

  • Spring Fair (Spring)

  • Staff Appreciation Lunch (Spring)

  • Middle School Info Night

  • Discovery Night


  • After-School PTA Enrichment Classes

  • School News Coordinator

  • E-Tree Editor

  • Website Editor

  • Facebook Page

  • Disaster Plan Liaison

  • Safe Routes to Schools/Walk and Roll

  • Grant writing


  • SGC Committee Chair

  • Yard Beautification Committee Chair

  • Unity Coalition

  • ELAC Representative

  • LGBQT Family Rainbow Group

  • Inclusion Families

  • GATE Representative

  • Traffic Safety Committee

  • Green Team

  • Disaster Plan Liaison

  • School Library

  • FUSE Social Justice