Join the Fun! 

Want to try biking to school? Riding with a bike train is an easy way to get some exercise, meet other families, and see how biking might work for your family! 

And now there are TWO great trains heading to school on Walk & Roll Wednesdays. Scroll down to learn more and sign up for the Russell Street Train and the California Street Train

Russell Street Bike Train

Maryann (parent to Isaac in 1st) has been leading a ride down Russell Street on Walk & Roll Days since October 2015. Sign up below to let Maryann know you'll be joining the fun! Contact Maryann directly at if you have any questions or haven't heard from her by the night before the next ride.

Contact Maryann directly at if you have any questions or haven't heard from her by the night before the next ride.

The Russell Street Bike Train rides down Russell Street from College to MX with meet-up spots #1-6. [click to enlarge]

California Street Bike Train

Dawn (parent to Rowan in 5th) & Jeannine (parent to Dinah/2nd & Asher/3rd) will lead the train down California Street again. Sign up below to let them know you'll be joining the fun on California Street! Contact Dawn at (or use the Bike Train sign up button below) to let her know to expect you.

The California Street Bike Train rides down California Street from Francisco to MX with meet-up spots #1-6. [click to enlarge]

MX Bike Train FAQ

Can my child ride in the bike train without me? 

Students in 3rd Grade and above may ride without a parent or guardian if they can:

  • Start & stop their bike smoothly
  • Ride in a straight line without weaving
  • Listen to & obey directions
  • Communicate needs
  • Lock their own bike at school

If you're not sure, contact the ride leader to discuss your specific situation. 

Can I start a bike train in my neighborhood?

Yes! Starting a bike train from your neighborhood is a great way to make riding to school more fun for your family AND a great way to help other families that might be thinking about biking, but need a little extra support to get started. 

Contact Tim O'Keefe (MX Parent & Safe Routes to School Champion) and he'll help you get started. [timothypatrickokeefe at]. 

Will there be a bike train home after school?

We don't have any organized after-school bike trains, but why not start the first one? Contact Sofia Zander [] to get started. 

What if my child rides the bus home or to an after school program?

We've all got complicated schedules - and sometimes it just won't work to bike home after school, which means there's a bike that needs to be transported as well. Some folks have found they can tow their child's bike from their Xtracycle-style cargo bike (by strapping the front wheel of the kid bike into the cargo bags). Others can fit their child's bikes into their Burley-style trailers. As a last resort, some folks have simply put the child's bike in their car at the end of the day. 

Are there Bike Trains on other Days?

The Bike Train organizers have committed to leading a Train on every Walk & Roll Wednesday. But they would love to ride with other families on other days, too! Contact them directly to find out about informal bike train days. 

Where Can I learn More about Bike Trains?

Everything you ever wanted to know about bike trains is here: