You can help track kids laps, time sprints, jump rope, or hoola hoops, hang in the garden to keep track of reading, or help with set up or clean up.

If you can't do a whole shift, even 30 minutes is helpful. Contact Jessica Bohn if you can do one of these shifts.

Set up: 8:30-10am
1st shift: 10-11:30am
2nd shift: 11:30-1pm
Clean-up: 1-2pm

We also need more bake sale items! To donate to the bake sale, contact April Swartz.


Remember: a family member, friend or neighbor can sponsor you by pledging either a fixed amount of money or an amount for each lap you walk. Money raised supports the drama program and library! It also helps pay for field trips and Project Connect. Help fund things we love about our school!

Last year, 235 students participated and raised $25,000! Our school is bigger now so let's get even more students to come and join the fun!

Sponsor envelopes went home on September 29. 

Download the Walk-a-thon sponsor form if you need another.


Dear Friends and Family,

Please consider supporting Serene and her fabulous public school, Malcolm X Elementary, by making a pledge to this Saturday's Walk-a-Thon.  The students will walk laps, hula hoop, read books, and run sprints to raise money for many important programs.

Donations will support classroom supplies, drama, dance, music, gardening and other enrichment programs for all the children at Malcolm X Elementary. These programs would not exist as they do without PTA support. Last year's Walk-a-Thon raised $25,000 for the school.

You can pledge either a flat amount or make a per-lap pledge. Classes with the most pledges will win prizes.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you are willing to donate. Funds need to be turned in by Monday, November XX.

Serene is excited to be walking laps for her school. I hope you’ll support her efforts.



Fun for Walk-a-thoners

  • Free snacks!
  • Gift certificates ($5 and $10) for the 2 students in each grade who walk the most laps!
  • Parties for the 3 classes with the most walkers!